Babywearing with Jess

“Dad’s life…”


Dads have special abilities we don’t as Mum’s…

Like the ability to use the bathroom in peace… While I have a cue of people lined up to watch me shit or shower…

My husband also has the special Dad talent of sleeping not only through children screaming or crying but actually physically rolling over him as well. While I haven’t had a sound, like proper nights sleep, in I dunno, the last four years or so…

Another special Dad talent my husband possesses is the ability to seem incapable of the same tasks as me in our children’s eyes. It’s not a lack of competency on his behalf by any means, in fact I can’t for the life of me understand why they wouldn’t prefer Dad in the morning, he is much more pleasant and he spreads the Nutella on super unnecessarily thick in my opinion.. But anyway, I’m the one the orders get whined at, or apparently I’m the one who hears them…

They always “just want mum” and Mr 3.5 is going through a “GO AWAY DAD!” phase which is super fun for all of us.. Mr 10 months wants a boob within a like one metre proximity or he loses the plot… And while his dad can strap him to him and chill him with a walk in the garden, the grizzling and crying involved sometimes when I am around does my head in and I can help myself but end up screaming “just bring me my baby!” sometimes, often making it only a viable option when I am not around…

The baby has been teething or otherwise suffering oral thrush or a cold or gastro bug for weeks..before that we had the whole ordeal with his big brothers operation… Honestly I am shattered.. I am tired and touched out..

I need to carve out time to escape the house by myself… I need to force some kind of sleep for myself to try & battle this sheer exhaustion… I am saying this here so I actually hold myself to it…

But before all that I need to make lunches for tomorrow for Playcentre…

While Dad is already asleep on the couch… Urgh, f#*kn Dad’s life!

*disclaimer – my husband is great really, this is just a rant.. I appreciate all he does for us etc etc.. I just want to sleep.. And to shit without an audience… Just sometimes, you know?!*

3 thoughts on ““Dad’s life…”

  1. I hear ya! I trained Lily the other day to interrupt my hubby now every time he goes to the loo because he was just sitting there for ages on his ph! I was like ‘where’s Dad…..oh he’s on the loo Lily, he’s been there a while lol…. Payback!! Lol

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