Babywearing with Jess

On the hunt for balance?!

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Is it possible to physically segment parts of your brain and life as a mum? I’m not sure I can seriously work out a way to do it… at any given time I seem to be dropping one particular ball or another…

There never seems to be enough hours in the day… No amount of planning or preparation enables me to adequately deal with random, unexpected issues that arise with balancing work, house, life and kids…

I seriously feel like I have at least nine different “balls” I am juggling at the moment, nine different areas of focus, nine different projects, nine different places my mind is or nine different “hats” I am sporting and changing on the fly…

Maybe I have maxed out on how many projects I can balance? Maybe I have a tendency to stretch myself quite “thin”, so to speak… But I also have a tendency to get bored.. I have always been drawn by things that are changing and complex and multifaceted… Now those elements are kind of summed up and fulfilled in being a mum alone…


Babywearing with Jess cross over with work for Williamson’s Exotics

Work projects provide me something different… Stability, consistency, structure… Processes and sense in a world where it is standard that you “cut the sandwich the wrong way” cause didn’t you know, the preference for squares over triangles has been strongly forged, since the last time, an hour ago, you made the last sandwich…

But balancing this shit is hard. Juggling the multiple “balls”.. Trying to not get “too” into one of the many projects underway to the exclusion of another, equally important but different one..

Then on top of all of that, plus of course changing shitty nappies and teaching a 3.5 year old how to read and write, among other things, I’m meant to be cleaning up the copious amounts of food and dirt the 11 month old takes great glee in spreading all over the house and getting dinner on the table, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!

Then not only after I feed them all, I have to clean them and then get them into bed before making lunches and preparing for the same old juggle tomorrow…

It’s bloody relentless at times isn’t it?! I know I am meant to enjoy every day and appreciate everything I have and all that jazz.. And I do… But man, it’s certainly not easy is it?!

Harder at some times more than others… 😳

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