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Breaking in a wrap…

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Once upon a time, second hand wraps commanded a high price in a healthy babywearing market. The bottom has fallen out of the market a bit at the moment and I personally suspect it is somewhat to do with the influx of people new to babywearing, trained to buy, buy, buy and only the best, which often equates to new for first time parents at least- I know it did for us! The advantage and benefit to second hand in the world of babywearing is that buying something someone else has used, comes “broken in”…

This is relevant to all carriers but particularly poignant in the world of woven wraps or woven wrap conversions… (stretchy wraps are the exception to this rule, please don’t try to “break in” a stretchy, it will likely lose most of its stretch and be really unsopporting!) Some brands and blends are heavier and require more “work” than others…. Often people will borrow something from my library, buy a brand new version of the same thing and say to me “it’s not as soft as yours”…

Of course not! Mine has been worn by me for at least some period of time and then loaned out to others before you have even had a chance to try it… And to take the work out of that for myself, I often buy second hand. Wraps doesn’t lose as much value as other second hand baby items do because they are often nicer to use after someone else has “broken them in”!

Breaking in wraps is a bit of a drawn out process of washing, drying, ironing, braiding and using wraps as the weave settles. Though personally one of my all favourite ways to break in or soften a wrap is to set it up as a wrap hammock for my kids to play in!


Under the dining table, in a cot or toddler bed like our currently permanent set up in the nursery (as our toddler this time round uses his cot and toddler bed just as much as his big brother did, which is not at all!), under bunks, in a tree (tie a towel or something around the branch before you throw your woven wrap up there at least!!), on the hammock stand… Anywhere we can secure it… I string a wrap up, making sure to double knot it tightly and check the security, then encourage my kids (it seriously doesn’t take much!) to swing, climb, squirm around… Whatever they want to do in it…

The whole time they are enjoying this “special fun activity” they are also stretching and pulling the weave to settle, soften the wrap with each hammock…

I have a heavy duty woven converted ring sling on its way to me soon and it’s going to test my conventional “breaking in” method as it won’t be long enough for a hammock! So watch this space and I will shortly share with you the process of trying to break in a heavy duty woven already custom converted into a ring sling with you shortly!!

One thought on “Breaking in a wrap…

  1. When all the swings are full at the playground – wrap tied to the monkey bars to the rescue!


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