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The wrongs I made today…

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Man, if you haven’t hit the “threenager” years, then probably just exit this will do yourself no favours knowing what is in store for you… Just sit back, consider the “terrible twos” and hope it gets better… I’m sure it does.. It just doesn’t at three that’s for sure.. 

I did many wrongs by my three year old today alone..  Firstly, I made a peanut butter sandwich for lunch when he wanted a Nutella one… What on earth was I thinking?!

Then I wanted him to use the toilet, he has been out of nappies for sometime but when play is off higher priority, occasionally he needs reminding… At the mere mention of it, he declared he “never ever has to wee”… Explaining the fact that all living things create waste products, as humans that equals wee and poo and therefore using the toilet, I was wrong because I didn’t realise these limits didn’t apply to my threenager and despite him doing a big wee when I did drag him kicking and screaming to the toilet, I was obviously, still wrong…

I also “said the wrong thing” more times than I can remember to give you examples of, one of those times I asked if he slept well when he woke up, obviously, I did wrong then too…

Before he went to bed, the start of our bedtime routine, I did what was probably the most “wrong” thing of the day and made the bath water the wrong colour.. It was “too clear”… Shit, who would want to bath in clear water?! How wrong can I be?! 😰

Did you know, (know this is complete hear say, I don’t have the energy, probably from being “wrong” all day, to double check that spcience backs me up…) that four year old boys have the same amount of testosterone as fourteen year old boys?! That was a light bulb moment for me in terms of calling them “threenager”… Regardless of the accuracy of that statement, I am feeling it… I feel like I have some insight into the teenage years!

For now, I’m getting pretty accustomed to being wrong… Guess it’s natures way of preparing us… Little do my children know I worked with teenagers for a long time in various capacities before they were born, I am much more lienant and understanding of this at three than I might be at thirteen…

Or maybe just like every other stage of my parenting journey, once I get to that stage, I may revert and cringe at what I thought was relevant to my own kids before placed in that position, I never “knew” more about parenting than I did pre-children of my own…

Urgh… They are like little drunk people, you can’t reason with them and they hurt themselves often… Good thing years of partying prepared me… Somewhat.. 😰

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