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Washing your carrier?! Beware which washing powder you use! 

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If you are using cloth nappies, you probably already know that avoiding “softening agents” and optical brighteners is best practise if you want them to maintain their absorbency and ensure the longevity of your investment.. A more common question I do get is, how do I wash this carrier?! 

And if you are not already familiar with ecobased washing products and powders in this setting, then I imagine you maybe even more confused as to what I’m even on about… However if you have kids with sensitive skin, you may not.. 

We made the move to full time eco friendly washing powders, not just for nappies, carriers, wraps and baby products, but for all our washing when it was me, not my kids, who kept getting contact dermatitis everytime I did a load of washing (so like 4 times a day if your kids are as messy as mine!) or folded anything fresh out of the wash (to be honest this is much less common, the only thing I really consistently fold, aka stuff is the cloth nappies, the rest of the clean dry washing usually remains heaped in the spare room where we all forage for clothes every morning hahaha).. 

So we are big on using detergents with as few chemical “nasties” as we can in general in this house, but obviously, the importance and significance of this is amplified in terms of my nappy stash (which incidentally are now in serious need of a strip wash as I had run out of other powders and despite buying what I thought was my best option in the supermarket, they now stink everytime Jai wets one, hello hidden optical brighteners! I should have known that despite the packagings appearance, evidence of little coloured balls in the powder meant it contained those things!) and carrier, wrap and library stash… 

It is easy to do damage to something like a carrier if you wash it with the wrong or too harsher chemicals first of all… As far as I know, there is not a wrap, sling or carrier on the market that will safely withstand bleach treatment of any kind… The structural integrity will be damaged as soon as something like that is used and in most, if not all cases, this will null and void any warranty you may have been entitled to… 

I am sharing this post with you, with permission from the poster, to show what “could” happen if you wash them wrong.. There was a lot of discussion and debate on this post as to whether the powder she used (“tide pool”, known to have optical brighteners) could have caused this kind of damage or if put it in the washing machine without it being inside a tied off pillow case could potentially be the culprit… Luckily for her, having followed the care instructions, she has contacted the manufacturer and they are in talks with her to arrange a new one… 

As I have mentioned in blog posts before, always, always, check the instructions from the manufacturer. If you don’t have any kind of instruction booklet anymore (who hangs onto or keeps close track of those?!), then it is very fortunate that Google is so accessible to most of us and you can simply search the brands guidelines because if you follow those and something goes wrong, at least your warranty will still be valid! 

Not to mention, it is easy to assume that one approach for a particular blend, brand or style is going to be the same across the board and as I am regularly washing carriers (it is a condition of hire that my clients DON’T wash them themselves), I took have to remind myself often. Just because that cotton blend wrap by that brand requires this certain approach, doesn’t mean that this other different cotton blend wrap, requests another…. 

But what I doubt you will find in any care instructions for carriers, wraps and cloth nappies particularly, is the request for additives like optical brighteners or “softening agents” or “special enzymes”.. All of these additives will slowly weaken your carriers structural integrity or break down the PUL layer in your nappies (the one that holds the wet in!)… 

Rockin Green is just one of the options on the market, they have just launched a new website and to celebrate, gave me a 1.3 kg bag of Rockin Green Standard wash to giveaway on Facebook! To enter to competition, check out the Facebook post here… 

Also check it out if you are not sure or have never washed your carrier! You might take interest in other people’s approach and I will post in the coming few days more about how I wash and clean my wrap, carrier and sling library and personal stash 😉

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