Babywearing with Jess

What is this loop of elastic on my carrier?!? 

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So on many soft structured carriers, you will find something, often a small strip of elastic which is referred to as the “safety strap”… 

By threading your straps through this before buckling your clips and then pulling the excess strap through with it, if something was to happen with your buckle and it popped open, this piece of elastic is designed to catch the strap and alert you before baby fell out of the carrier.  

Another often even more puzzling piece of elastic on some carriers to most people is the little loop at the end of your straps… 

Often you will have a lot of excess strap after buckling and tighten your carrier. If you want to get some of that out of the way, you can roll the straps on themselves, as such… 

And then flip this loop of elastic over the rolled up strap to secure it… 

If you don’t often adjust your carrier, or only do so slightly between uses or users, this is a great idea not only to keep them out of the way but to prevent you catching them on anything.  
Not all carriers will feature these but if yours does, and you where wondering what they were for, give it a try.. If your carrier comes with a “safety strap”, check that you have your buckles threaded through it next time you grab it 😉 

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