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The verdict… Pregnant or period?! 

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Well it’s a game of Russian Roulette considering breastfeeding and not having yet a period a form of “contraceptive”… And I should appreciate being “period free” for at least 13 months after having Jai and while breastfeeding… 

But it is a second guess, a Russian Roulette as i said, and I took what was not my first pregnancy test since his birth the other day.. I knew, in the back of my mind, a few weeks back, that I must have been ovulating because I was just really horny… After getting the kids to bed and having a few glasses of wine, I seemed to just jump my husband every night for like a week straight… 

Obviously he didn’t complain hahaha 😂 we even joked that I must clearly be ovulating and how ridiculous it was, despite the mess and mayhem of the existing two children we have, our approach to that was to have unprotected sex… Great sex might I add… 😝 

So yeah, the Russian Roulette factor was pretty high there… Then after that came back negative, but yet my husband put in the back if my mind, it might be too early for a test.. A few weeks wouldn’t be the start of my next period nessicarily … 

And then I started to get sore boobs and crave eggs (I really am not a huge egg fan, except when I’m pregnant, then seriously, I have a tendency to eat about 4 eggs a day..) And I woke up craving bloody eggs! And trying to draw out the babies feeds cause my nipples where tender and the reality of actually being pregnant, for nine whole months, right now, really hit me..  

The inconveniences really hit me.. We’re all flying down to Christchurch next month for my babywearing consultant training, I just have this thing about flying when pregnant… Yes the actual flying while pregnant has its own risks, but really, what it boils down to is if I am going to have to battle airports and planes and waiting around and cabs or public transport and room check ins and all that, especialy with preschoolers in tow, I want to have a glass of wine when I arrive at my destination…. 😉

So anyway, luckily for me and my wine drinking best interests, next month’s travel will be accompanied with wine.. Sorry husband, “the b#tch is back” hahaha 😂 we had a great run there but it seems I don’t have to put my energy into growing a new person this month at least but it got me thinking…. 

There should be some kind of sanctuary we can retreat to… I know this is a thing, I know some cultures separate menstruating women and have limits and bounds around what you can and can’t do whilst menstruating.. Some celebratory and seemingly in gentleness, others may not be.. I don’t mean to disrespect or offend other cultural practices especially as I really don’t know much about this topic… 

But, my ideal sanctuary would have wine and Netflix and chocolate… And warm blankets and couches… Ohhh or hot baths if I wanted, with like fancy aromatherapy oils and flower petals and shit.. And steak,  stereotypical as it may sound I bloody love a good steak if Im pregnant or have my period, same goes for eggs apparently haha 😂 

And my ideal sanctuary would be a place I would go and celebrate having my period and it not being this horrible pain in the arse, but something that was appreciated and honoured, and dare I say it, maybe even looked forward to… And those mama’s who got their period back earlier than I or other mamas may have post birth while breastfeeding would have this early pass to this amazing retreat each month and the rest of us would be posting on mum pages on Facebook, “how do I get my period to return quicker? I need a pass to the sanctuary!!” 

Ahhh.. As yet I don’t know of a sanctuary, but I am gonna try and create my own mini one this time instead of hating on the process and feeling sore and moaning (it’s easier in theory than practise though right?!) and instead, I want to try and honour my body and it’s process, like I would pregnancy, and treat myself to things and keep self care high on my agenda… 

And thank the universe I can have a glass of wine when we arrive in our hotel room after flying next month! 😉 

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