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Mind boggle! 

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So I haven’t written a post for a while now, nearly two weeks in fact… Normally I have a draft of my next post ready to go, or at least some idea of direction or topic before I publish the last, but, well I’ve dropped the ball a little bit lately… 
Not particularly just because I haven’t written a blog post in two weeks, but just generally in life at the moment…  I’m sure I can’t be the only one that when there is so much going on, my brain just generally feels frazzled trying to process it all… 
And I like to be busy, I get enthusiastic and passionate about things, probably more often than others may even, I take on heaps of projects or roles, I wear many different “hats”, I juggle work projects and while I have always done this kind of thing, now I have two kids, constantly wanting things from me or being unsettled and not sleeping, sick and grumpy… 
Im trying to remember self care, let’s face it, it usually comes last on the list… I am feeling behind the eight ball and overwhelmed in general and so James and i had a business meeting (we can both only do the kind of work we do because we work together to balance freelance work and business enterprises) and sat down and made lists.. Cause that works for us… I even found a list I had written in the midst of dinner prep that featured an action, “make better lists”.. 

So that’s what we did… And when I was able to view all the different categories of jobs and things going on and we broke it all down and i got my head around the jigsaw puzzle of it all, I realised that’s it actually manageable, it’s busy and a juggle and I have to carve time for things because life will never just create it for me… 

But now, tonight, while my calendar is still just as full and the juggle is still just as real, the mind boggle has settled a bit, or maybe that’s just the two glasses of wine I have managed to have in peace as the bed time battle wasn’t so strong tonight 😜 
Anyway, I think I managed to confirm everything I needed to for my upcoming consultant training in Christchurch in a few weeks which has been long anticipated so that’s a weight of my mind.. 
You might have thought a break from blogging for two weeks would mean my next one would be riveting and full of useful information or well thought out content… Sorry it’s not haha but with my training coming up, get ready to likely be spammed with all kinds of babywearing related info in the coming month 😉

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