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I lost my shit today…

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Its all in the title really, I lost my shit today… Josh was being rough, not listening and just generally acting up at Playcentre.. I had no patience from the start to be fair but we have just had this professional development workshop at our centre about social competency and a three stage process to dealing with inappropriate behaviour and working on developing our overall “social competency” on session.. I probably, in my impatience may have skipped or speed over a step.. I jumped pretty quickly to the final threat of “we are leaving right now” aka stage three… 

There is so bloody much going on for me at the moment; at the time this all unfolded I was taking notes on a meeting for session evaluations, had Jai asleep on me, had just got off the phone to someone about council consents, engineering reports, architects plans etc and Josh just kept causing issue… He told me later he was jealous that his friend wanted to play another kids game not the one he wanted to play, obviously I explained while a valid emotion, that it was not an appropriate response to continue to do something when they asked him to stop or hurt them (such is the beauty of Playcentre, while its harder on us as parents sometimes I really believe being engaged and involved in these issues for them at this early age helps further develop the critical learning and build life skills around these kind of things they will continue to face in life …) but I had no patience left in me… 
I left. Straight up. That’s it, we are out. Sorry everyone. Someone else sort the minutes. Someone cover me for clean up. I’m not doing this today. 

So I dragged him out, he tried to run and hide from me, I remind you, I had the half asleep (only woken by his brothers epic meltdown) baby on my back, but I was like, “don’t you dare kid”, grabbed him by the arm to the car and left him screaming there about how “I’m listening now! I don’t want to go!” while I got the bags and left. He screamed the whole bloody way home. And for about 40mins after. And I just left him there screaming for a bit before I came back, just long enough to skull a glass of wine..

I lost it… 
This is a really hard age and stage with my two kids, Josh is nearly four and full of hormones and know it all attitude, when I said feed up the other day to him, “I shouldnt have to tell you something a hundred times before you listen to me!” he quickly replied, “about 8 or 9 times normally actually…” Oh my word child, do you know how to push my buttons… 

And the little one, Jai, has just truely mastered walking (getting knocked over all the time hasn’t helped his confidence in the past and he has before now largely remained close enough to things he can grab if some unknown force does present itself). But there is no concern he can’t hold his own, that’s for sure. I noticed Josh snatch a train off him the other day and take off down the hallway, Jai was after him in a spilt second and tracked him down and bit him before snatching the train back!

So it’s all on in this household… From before dawn to after dusk… I really should get them to call me referrer instead of mum… I would get a whistle bur fear it do nothing more than increase the volume of life in general!  🤔

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