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Slingababy Training School; an insight to my experience..


So my last post was really just me throwing out some of the huge ideas that where running around my head after the intensive training process I was just involved with but also after spending almost a week with some people within the babywearing community from all around the country, who have before now, many have just been names I know from being in the same Facebook groups and sharing connections…


There were lots of discussions about what we call the art of carrying our children as a result, which is all positive I think… Where I may have been misunderstood is that I wasn’t suggesting we all had to agree on a universal term.. More that it is ok to have different names and ways we refer to this as it means different things to each of us depending on our perspectives… and again, that too is ok…


I wasn’t trying to enforce or suggest there should be a “name change” broadly, just that I was actively considering how my language choice influences perceptions of these practises and what I am talking about…


And further more, I am still trying to get my head around a whole lot of new information.. I was just asking a whole lot of questions that were running around in my mind. I am grateful for the insight and input from all sides of this discussion and think its pretty cool we are actually talking about it… Just talking about… that doesn’t anyone person has to change something if they don’t want to, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reflect and consider and potentially question things…


And when we do, it often takes a bit of time I find for my brain to catch up.. So this was probably closer to the “here’s a bit of an idea of what the consultant training was like for me” post that I originally had in my mind when I thought about writing about when I got home, that was before doing the training

(to be clear, this is just my take on this learning experience, I am not representing my process here to be that of a universal one or representing other trainees, its just my reflection of the process…)



There was 18 of us completing the training, from all over New Zealand and also Australia. We all come from different areas and perspectives, businesses and organisations, this was not a one – size fits all kind of thing.. Its was an amazing opportunity though for lots of different perspectives, interests and takes about carrying children.. And we learnt a lot about that but also much more, in terms of baby physiology, mother physiology, child development… a whole broad range of related topics…




I guess the best way for me to provide overview of my personal process for me is to follow the timetable we followed broadly, so on the first day, our focus was largely about this concept on “consultants” as we are all aware this is a relatively new concept to New Zealand and with so many of us in the room interested in this topic alone, this started a lot of conversations among us as individuals… I am not suggestion there where some special conclusions we reached or anything was “decided” on, this was just some interesting discussion…




After a morning of various discussions, perspectives being sharing and learning from everyone around the room with their varied viewpoints and interests, we looked at baby physiology and anatomy and there where some very funny photos of us all pretending to be “babies” in our “chair carriers” to better understand some of the aspects of positioning and the perspective of our children being carried in a sling, wrap or carrier…




The next day, we jumped straight into woven wraps… This day was particularly hard for me, I blogged about it at the time which you can read here, but essentially, wrapping is something I have only ever done with Jai, even then, not that much comparatively to my experience with other kinds of carriers but I thought I had got my head around it a bit in the last year and I essentially had to “unlearn” some of what I thought I knew from my self-taught process and that was really difficult for me… My learning in this aspect particularly is continuing to be “rewired” in my brain, if that makes sense…



(Note the concentrating frowns in this picture hahah)



We spent almost two full days focusing on wrapping with a woven wrap alone… Not about pretty finishes and the “best” way to do things but rather understanding the differences of the properties of different wraps, the limitations and functions of different passes, how to handle a wrap to make it do what you want it to do…



We learnt about ideas for troubleshooting when the wrap or carry isn’t achieving what you want it too…




We learnt about some tricks and tips which might help demonstrate more clearly these concepts when we are teaching them to others…




We learnt about the many various ways we could show people safely to get a baby onto our back….




We learnt about the various back carries in a woven wrap and their various advantages and limitations…



We learnt some other tips and tricks about various ways we could hold tension in a wrap and other tips and tricks…



(if you are someone who likes names for things, I am fond of the term “the wrap onesie” for this one where you hold tension in you knees by doing a little bow to grab the top rails as opposed to bending down hahah)





We learnt lots off each other as trainees on the course as well, all bringing different interests, skill sets and experience with us from our own journeys…




Like these three amazing twin mamas who all showed us more than a thing or two and provided a valuable experience for us all to learn more about tandem wearing from their experiences…




And that was just the first few days!! Over the following days, we looked at ring slings, stretechy wraps, Mei Tai’s, Buckle carriers and a section called “weird and wonderful” where we looked all kinds of different things people could use to carry their child.




We also did lots of talking and learning about mothers physiology and anatomy, about pregnancy, birth and the postpartum periods and lots of exercises and learning around planning and preparing for workshops, consultations and more again about what each of us thought about what being a consultant in this industry meant..


Again, there was no one answer here, this was a discussion of our various perspectives, directions we may want to pursue and where we could go to from here… And they where all different, and that is ok and really awesome and exciting.. my previous post wasn’t suggesting we all need to have the same understanding of, more reflecting on the many different perspectives and considering and questioning my personal use of language around it…



(teaching Lorette about the importance and art of the “selfie” for Instagram here hahaha)


So to clarify again, my post was based in the premise I was exploring how I would like to refer to myself in a consultancy capacity and seeing as I am hoping to work with midwives, women’s health and other medical professionals, the conations around the title “babywearing consultant” where just something I was fundamentally reconsidering…


So to answer again the numerous questions, “Hi, I’m Jess from Babywearing with Jess and I am a Sling and Carrier Consultant trained through the Slingababy Training School” 🙂


Others who have been my peers and become friends in this process, have chosen to take different titles and names and that too is ok… It is the direction they have chosen for them, because it best suits them…


Just like what carrier you could chose to use, best suits you… 🙂








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