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Trying to get the perfect fit!

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We are obviously very fortunate that due to my work and library, we have more than a few different options to reach for when it comes to using a carrier with our own kids…

Jai (Mr 2 but in size 4 clothes) has well and truly outgrown most standard or baby sized carriers despite still wanting to go up quite a lot. I’ve been using toddler size carriers with him for a while but my husband is slower than me to make the shift…

He was religiously grabbing the Bitybean for Jai until long after his first birthday when I finally convinced him something more padded might make carrying our big boy more comfortable. 

From there he took a liking to the Lenny Lamb standard sized carrier… more recently he has been trying out the Toddler sized Lenny Lamb full buckle and commented to me that he didn’t feel like he could get the shoulder straps quite right to make it comfortable for him…

It wasn’t until I put the same carrier on myself that I realised what he meant (being my husband he is like the most unwilling client yet and never lets me help him with fit hahaha)… the Lenny Lamb carrier has two way adjustable straps which means you can tighten them by pulling upwards or down… one length of the straps, the downwards pull in a front carry, is considerably shorter than the other, the safety elastic strap is also quite close to these…

Depending which side of the clip you place on the safety strap, you may have slightly longer or shorter straps to start with. On the left the safety elastic strap is on the bottom side of the buckle clip, on the right it is thread through the top. The configuration on the right will allow for tighter buckles than the left in this case…

The other thing I noticed is the Perfect Fit Adjusters (PFAs), the bits right up near the shoulder straps where it joins the back panel was totally released… tightening these to the maximum will also shorten the straps but are commonly overlooked in fitting.

PFA straps totally loosened off in this picture. Not a bad carrying height for me but if I wanted to make the straps tighter, I can tighten these…

Tightened in this photo – you can see he is higher on my body in this picture

So you can tighten the straps from the buckles under your arms but also at the top of the carrier near the shoulders… 

Turns out after these two adjustments, the shoulder straps in the Toddler sized Lenny Lamb weren’t slipping anywhere near as much of my husband’s shoulders and he found he actually needed to let some more slack out, rather than attempt to tighten further, to make it a comfortable fit!

Sometimes just some small tweaks and adjustments can make the world of difference to fit in a certain carrier… though in saying that, it is such an individual fit and preference of buckle carriers particularly.. 

Who knows if he will stick to Lenny Lamb as his preference or if I can convince him to try one of the many other brands or styles we have! I guess time will tell 😉 

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