Babywearing with Jess

About me


I am very passionate and enthusiastic about carrying my children in wraps, slings and carriers and have been doing so with my own two boys since they were very young…

Recently Certified through the Slingababy Training School, I am a Sling and Carrier Consultant that is aiming to get the knowledge and awareness of using carriers to carry our children more broadly acknowledged and accepted into maternity facilities, women’s health sectors and other medical practitioners as I feel there is lots of benefit to be had by using this practice for many people, a lot of whom may not really be aware of the world of “babywearing”. The fact is, as a species, we have been carrying our children for a very long time, carriers just assist us to do so. 060746_a5a195a155b34f5ea8c6642815863d3dmv2

I offer a range of services, focusing on small workshop settings to make the cost of consultancy services more affordable to parents. I also work in a professional development capacity with retailers, health professionals and other practitioners to share knowledge, awareness and experience of slings and carriers to related service providers.

I have a particular area of interest is bringing awareness to the use of carriers and slings through maternity providers, pre and postnatal care and health services. I am also passionate about bringing more awareness to the benefits of carrying our children in carriers long beyond infancy.

I am still in the early stages of setting up my business, please feel free to email me if you have any more questions –



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