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Paid babywearing consultancy can be perceived as an expensive service; with considerable overheads, resource & training costs, the tailored service & approach consultants provide is unlike a standard sling meet. Sling meets provide a great introduction to the world of babywearing but can also be busy and the time for detailed learning in these settings can be limited.

By offering a range of small workshops, I am aiming to make consultant support more affordable in a group setting. All my workshops have limited numbers and a range of prices per head (as the time and depth we are able to reach in each will differ).

I have a wee army of babywearing dolls and a library of over 50 different carriers. As well as workshops, I offer Professional Development training and programmes for practitioners, retailers and related service providers. Events, speaking roles and introductory group workshops are my specialty.




MAMA Maternity (Sandringham) Workshops & Library Sampling events- $25 per person

These monthly introductory babywearing workshops are the most affordable of my options. I will provide a briefly overview of baby physiology and some of the history and benefits of using a carrier with our children. We will then talk about safety and positioning in a carrier before I jump into a quick demo of five different styles. We can then explore some options you might like to try or I can help with fit or comfort issues with a carrier you already own.


Parent’s Group Workshops & Speaking roles – $150 hour & half (max 10 learners)

Similar to my introductory workshops but these are in your space and I will bring my carrier library to you. We can cover introductory workshop content or have the option to do skill based workshops. The more your group can tell me beforehand, the more we can all get out of it by tailoring content.


Private In Home Workshops – $100 per hour

These small workshops for between 2-4 people are perfect for really focusing on a particular skill development or if you want to thoroughly explore the various brands and options within a particular style of carrier.



Professional Development Training – please inquire for more information

Providing an opportunity for midwives, women’s health, pre and postnatal providers, medical practitioners, related services and retail workshops to learn more about babywearing and how it could impact or benefit their clients. There is a range of approaches, depths and detail we can achieve depending on your requirements. Please contact me for more information.




Please contact me via phone (0226714060), via email ( or on my Facebook page –